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Welcome to the Quantum Group

The Quantum Group comprises a wide range of disciplines available to anyone in the construction sector. We take pride in the fact we aim to achieve excellence by providing thorough, precise and assertive assistance.

Your dependable construction contracts partner

With offices in Leeds and Manchester, Quantum Group offers a range of specialist services to the construction industry that are fundamental to the success of building projects.

Our quantity surveying services are valuable throughout the construction process, taking the developer plan and design proposal to the finished building while ensuring clients can realise their goals in an acceptable timeframe and with optimum value.

With a team of RICS qualified quantity surveyors, we can assist from the early stages of contracts being drawn up, estimating, tendering and procurement - all these services help clients, Contractors and Sub-Contractors to ensure the project gets off on the right foot.

Throughout the construction contracts, our services help Contractors and Sub-Contractors stay on track. We can manage all those important parts of the contract administration which are essential in meeting contractual obligations, including in relation to monthly variations, progress reporting, claims deadlines and the processes that must be followed.

We complete our support as the contract nears completion by providing assistance with final accounts submission, project ledger management and managing retentions to ensure Contractors and Sub-Contractors are fairly rewarded for their work on the project.

All these QS services are designed to help our clients manage contracts in the most efficient and harmonious way - but we also know that even with the best intentions, things don't always go smoothly.

That's why Quantum Group provides specialist services for resolving construction disputes. These are designed to give Contractors and Sub-Contractors professional representation in formal and informal dispute resolution proceedings, utilising our extensive experience and understanding of construction law to reach an agreement or resolution.

Quantum Group offers the clients the benefit of our experience in formal dispute resolution procedures such as arbitration and adjudication, and in the less formal but more commercial approaches of negotiation, mediation and conciliation. Our aim is always to work in the best interests of our clients, supported by our legal specialists, either by pursuing or defending dispute matters and, should full legal proceedings be required, we are able to act as expert witnesses.

What is consistent across all the services we provide is our commitment to high professional standards, which is reflected in our membership of the RICS.

Our Disciplines

Construction dispute support services

Dispute Support

Representing your interests in expert formal and informal dispute resolution proceedings. Successful in over 300 adjudications.

Corporate recovery services

Corporate Recovery

With our expert commercial acumen on your side, our valuations, applications and claims will advise on appropriate action for difficult debt recovery.

Business support for construction companies

Business Support

Creating cutting-edge Management Systems to effectively use data to realise the full potential of your business.

Quantity surveying services

Quantity Surveying

Data-driven cost management, procurement and associated services to help your business deliver successful construction contracts, profitably and professionally.

Project management services for construction

Project Management

The best project managers are those with wide experience; we hand pick our staff to give us breadth of experience as well as depth.

Construction contractor support services

Contractor Support

No matter of the size of your project or company, our expert Contractor Support services reduces risk with invaluable support.

Construction sub-contractor support services

Sub-Contractor Support

Reduce risk and deliver contracts successfully in projects large and small through our range of specialist services for Sub-Contractors.

Construction development and finance services

Development & Finance

Complete cost control, budgeting services, quantity surveying, commercial acumen; our construction specialists help your project every step of the way.

Over 20 years

- that's how long we've been helping contractors.

Managing Director Stephen Pilling explains Quantum Group's unique disciplines and benefits for contractors and sub-contractors in his regular video blogs.

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