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To be the best, quantity surveyors must have proper site experience

The simplicity of the academic route into the quantity surveying profession is not compatible with the complexities of the construction industry, and this is lea...

Published: 27th Oct 2023
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How is the digital era creating a divide in the construction sector?

As the world increasingly turns to digital technology to help us work more efficiently, the implications of the relentless application of new tech-driven process...

Published: 17th Oct 2023
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Why construction's divisive 'class' system is limiting new technologies and impacting on recruitment

The structure of the construction industry and the way it operates is limiting accessibility to the new technologies that are so important in helping to improve ...

Published: 8th Oct 2023
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Industry bodies are part of the QS recruitment problem, not the solution

The organisations whose role it is to support and promote the quantity surveying (QS) profession have lost their way to the point where they are now part of the ...

Published: 1st Oct 2023
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Why should a construction subcontractor use Quantum CPM's services?

If you're a subcontractor in the construction sector and you use the services of an accountant, a bookkeeper, a health and safety consultant or other specialist ...

Published: 27th Jun 2023
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Why writing more persuasively will help you get the outcome you want

When you communicate in writing - most commonly in emails these days - do you ever stop part way through composing what you're saying to consider if you are comi...

Published: 1st May 2023
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Do specialist sub-contractors need to use quantity surveyors?

Is quantity surveying seen as something that only main contractors need to get involved in? Stephen Pilling, founder and director of Leeds-based Quantum Group, w...

Published: 13th Apr 2023
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How your email 'signature' could be exactly that - and legally binding...

Email has replaced hard copy letters in so much of our daily work. As a communication method it is far more convenient, faster and more reliable than a letter - ...

Published: 24th Mar 2023
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Could you do your job without checking as you go along?

Measuring and checking may be part of the job whatever trade you are in. But are you doing this in one of the areas where it can have the biggest impact on your ...

Published: 11th Nov 2022
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How's your contract progressing?

It may seem a simple question, but do you really know the answer today? And will you be able to provide a written record of how your contract was delivered in si...

Published: 10th Oct 2022
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Avoid recurring procurement nightmares by outsourcing to Quantum

Are your contracts getting off on the wrong foot before you even start on site because you haven't had time to get all your specialist sub-contractors and suppli...

Published: 8th Aug 2022
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Are your retentions being well retained?

Do you find it hard work getting retention payments that are rightly yours, despite completing everything during the defect liability period? Outsource the manag...

Published: 21st Jun 2022
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Start getting your final accounts in order from day one

If final accounts cause you a headache on nearly every contract, the way to ease the pain at a time when you are most keen to get paid could be to get into the h...

Published: 17th May 2022
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Don't let fixed price contracts ruin your business profitability

The past two years have seen unprecedented inflation in the prices of construction materials and increased labour costs due to a shortage of skilled people acros...

Published: 16th May 2022
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Do contract variations keep leaving you out of pocket?

When you are faced with variations in your contract, the worst thing you can do is bury your head in the sand about notifying your client or assume the way you d...

Published: 24th Mar 2022
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Know when to 'tap out' of a messy contract

Don't gamble on the promise of more work based on the success on your first contract Here at Quantum, we see the horror stories of construction industry Sub-Con...

Published: 6th Jan 2022
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Quantum take new 'company car' for inaugural run!

Not every company can claim to have a classic 1980s/early 90s sports car on their fleet, but with the Peugeot 205 GTI lovingly restored by Quantum Group director...

Published: 13th Aug 2021
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Quantum Group builds QS team with investment in next generation

Pontefract-based quantity surveyors the Quantum Group have strengthened their team with the appointment of a young construction professional and investment in t...

Published: 7th Jun 2021