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The constant evolution of the construction industry means Contractors and Sub-Contractors need to be continuously adapting to stay profitable, compliant and competitive. Here we take a step back for a moment and consider how our best practice and valuable experience can feed into future strategy.

Where would you like to begin?

Managing Director Stephen Pilling talks about the future of the industry and the challenges in recruiting graduates

Time - 1.50

What are the issues and challenges your business and the quantity surveying profession as a whole faces?

Stephen discusses the difficulties facing the sector as a whole

Time - 6.30

Do you think the digital era has created a divide in the construction industry?

Stephen's thoughts on virtual interaction in relation to physical experience.

Time - 2.56

What about the graduates of today? Are they well-rounded, aware and understand the dynamics of a construction site?

Stephen discusses how today's environment is very different from the one he came from

Time - 4.31

How is digitalisation going to affect the future of the industry?

Stephen gives his views on how we train graduates today

Time - 3.11

How is the narrow pool of available graduates affecting the industry?

Stephen discusses how a shortage of candidates is affecting the industry

Time - 4.54

What are the fundamentals of the construction industry that everyone should understand?

Stephen suggests that the truth exists in the reality of today which is what the industry looks like today!

Time - 4.38

How do we make quantity surveying attractive to all groups, especially the most under-represented groups?

Stephen gives his thoughts on how we can change how the industry currently works

Time - 1.54

Do you think the RICS portrays the industry as it actually is on their website and in their literature?

Stephen gives his views on the RICS

Time - 1.15

Do you think that some real-life, on-the-job experience is beneficial for students during their education?

Stephen gives his perspecitve regarding on-the-job experience

Time - 2.06

What might be the solution to the problem the industry has in attracting new people?

Stephen gives his views on the routes to becoming professionally qualified

Time - 2.44

What is the Quantum Group and how does it help clients?

The Quantum Group's broad range of services is backed by a blend of commercial, technical and legal knowledge and experience. This ensures construction industry Contractors and Sub-Contractors can access an unrivalled mix of expertise to protect their interests and succeed. .

How and why did Quantum start?

Stephen Pilling explains how the company started back in 1999

What are the Quantum brands?

Why are there several brands within Quantum? Stephen explains

Why do specialist subcontractors need Quantum?

Stephen highlights the benefits of Quantum’s services to subbies.

What would you say to a construction subcontractor thinking of using Quantum’s services?

For anyone considering accessing Quantum’s services, watch this.

What is Quantum Consult and what does the company do?

An insight into Quantum Consult from Stephen Pilling.

How did Quantum evolve from a traditional quantity surveying practice?

Stephen explains how Quantum has stayed ahead of the curve.

How does the Quantum Group's support differ from a solicitor's?

How a 'prevention is better than cure' ethos drives Quantum.

What is the future for the Quantum Group?

Stephen explains what the next era looks like for Quantum.